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And: 5, 6, 7, 8! Street Dance Classes at Finsbury Town Hall

Last week I headed to Finsbury Town Hall for my first ever street dance class. Danny, our instructor, was brilliant, giving us lots of praise for our new-found street skills. We learnt a fantastic street dance routine and for a minute, I felt like  a member of the group Diversity! Although I think I looked more pop than street, I have definitely found some new skills for the dance floor over Christmas!

It was really great fun and a great way to start the festive season. I asked some of the other street dance first timers their views on the class:

“I had such a great time, what a blast! The class was pacy, the instructor was patient (a vital trait!) and the music was fun. Put it this way – I felt like I was in a music video.”
Peter, 29, South Africa

“Despite the fact I was red in the face, tripping over my feet, couldn’t talk by the end of it, and two days later am aching all over, I would recommend it to everyone – the most fun I’ve had in ages!”
Jo, 28, Highbury

“Energetic and fun! The teacher was very engaging and broke the routine down into simple to learn steps which meant we picked the routine up fast! I felt like a pro in no time!”
Ruth, 25, Berkshire

“I think it was fantastic fun and I learnt a few amazing moves which will be useful for the future.”
Pru, 44, Surrey

The class was run by City Academy who also run other fab classes such as Musical Theatre and Comedy… what to choose next?

Visit for more information.

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