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Your Views: Legally Blonde at the Savoy Theatre

Legally Blonde is the latest big musical to open in London. I’ve been excited about seeing this show since the cast was announced in September. The official launch back in October just made the waiting even harder.

And last night, I finally got to see the show. Regular readers won’t be surprised to hear that I loved it. (It’s a girly, giggly, pink, hilarious musical – what’s not to like?!) To be honest, I’d happily watch it again tonight. And tomorrow. And the next day…

But what about the other audience members? We asked a few for their views on London’s hottest new show:

Christine, Senior Citizen
“I thought it was surprisingly brilliant. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good as it wasn’t marketed at me – too pink and Barbie. The reviews said it was just for women, but there was so much too it, every scene was so different.”

Barry, 18
“I was pleasantly surprised. It was really fun. I thought the dog was the best bit. And by that, I mean the Boxer, not the Chihuahua.”

Amy, 28
“I laughed so hard, it blew the January blues clean away! This is the best West End fun I’ve had since Avenue Q and Mamma Mia. Sheridan Smith is mesmerising.”

Victoria, 33
“The show was high energy and full of colour, excellent for a young crowd. The songs were well orchestrated and choreographed but rather unmemorable and it was a bit too “panto” in its humour for me, with obvious cultural references. But an excellent choice for a teenage outing!”

Foamy, 42
“I went straight home and stayed up all night practising my bend and snap! To my wife’s amusement.”

Have you seen Legally Blonde yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!