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Your Views: Flare Path Starring Sienna Miller and Sheridan Smith

Flare Path, starring Sienna Miller, Sheridan Smith and James Purefoy, recently opened in the West End. Directed by Trevor Nunn, the play explores love and loyalty between a group of RAF pilots and their wives during the Second World War.

We asked a few theatregoers what they thought of the play:

“The gentle flowing Flare Path brought to our attention the real life difficulties that people had to face during the war years. Wives watching RAF husbands go off to work, waiting and hoping that they would return safely and just trying to make the best of this very hard situation. For me Sheridan Smith was the stand-out performer whose character provided a light hearted touch as well as delivering serious emotion.”
Madelene, 38, London

“I didn’t think there was much chemistry between the two leads James Purefoy and Sienna Miller and their scenes lacked energy which made the play drag a little. I enjoyed Flare Path because the supporting cast were absolutely superb. Sheridan Smith stole the show as the Countess, and Joe Armstrong and Clive Wood were both really funny.”
Lettice, 30, London

“I really enjoyed Flare Path’s beautifully subtle script, which was quite funny but also brought me to tears in some moments, highlighting how remarkable sacrifices made by individuals during the war quickly became a part of everyday reality. The performances were generally all great and while the celebrity pull is probably Sienna, for me Sheridan Smith was the star of the night.”
Rebecca, 29, Uxbridge

“Flare Path didn’t blow me away but I enjoyed it. I was keen to see Sienna Miller and Sheridan Smith on stage because I’ve heard so much about them both. I thought Sienna Miller did a pretty good job but Sheridan Smith had far more energy and stole every scene she was in. The rest of the supporting cast were also very good – especially Clive Wood who created some great comic moments from the few lines he had.”
Jenny, 28, London

“I enjoyed Flare Path. From the period detail of the set and costumes to the smooth pace of the onstage action it was a good, if not sparklingly great, evening’s entertainment. Written soon after the war, I appreciated the simplicity of the plot and characters: three-dimensional but free from the tortured psychology you’d probably get in something more modern – and the refreshingly happy ending. Sheridan Smith was excellent, Sienna Miller was fine if not exceptional. However the whole play was over-long and would benefit from some astute editing.”
Claire, 28, Tottenham

“Sienna Miller may be the main attraction of Flare Path but she was outshone on stage by some of her fellow cast members. My favourite characters were the hilarious female hotelkeeper, the slightly camp wing commander and the nosey young waiter.  I liked the set too, with its huge windows overlooking a misty air field. The plot’s fairly slow, but the show does immerse you in the 40s world of air force lingo and tea dresses, and it kept me interested from beginning to end.”
Hannah, 37, Devon

Flare Path at Theatre Royal Haymarket until 4 June 2011. Book tickets

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