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Found: A Stunning New Show at the Haunch of Venison Gallery


Using abandoned everyday items, British artist and designer Stuart Haygarth has created some of the most gorgeous art on show in London at the moment.

We are used to seeing recycled materials in art these days, but I don’t think anyone could be prepared for the beauty that Haygarth has created out of smashed car wing mirrors gathered from some of London’s more treacherous roads. The Rotherhithe Tunnel to name one. The most stunning piece is a hanging mirror ball made from 350 smashed mirrors attached to a mirrored sphere.

Haygarth is known for his fascination with spectacles and has created a series of urchin lights and an amazing chandelier made out of tinted optical lenses. The urchin lights are extraordinary and took years of collecting from markets and car boot sales. Apparently the artist collected so many old pairs of spectacles he had to rent extra storage and spent many weeks measuring and configuring them.

We also found the works using hundreds of retro ceramic cats and dogs particularly alluring.  Found is showing at the Haunch of Venison gallery until the end of January 2010.