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Park Art in Haringey for Summer 2012

Silver sculptures, light installations and Olympic-related artwork has popped up in the London borough of Haringey this summer.

Bruce Castle Park in Tottenham is hosting several works including Lion by scaffolding artist Ben Long. The lion is an impressive work combining a minimal, industrial, “worksite” aesthetic with a sumptuous show of patriotism and heraldry. He stands proudly in front of Bruce Castle Museum, a spot that afforded an excellent vantage point when the Olympic Torch relay passed by here less than a fortnight ago.

I spoke to to Daniel Medina, the supervisor from Up Projects, who said the torch relay, which he also witnessed, was a highlight – with a real community buzz.

Another work, Free as a Bird by Martin Richman and Charlie Kerr, is a more subtle sound-and-light installation tucked away in Bruce Castle’s Hawk Tower. Daniel told me the work took inspiration from the tower’s history, with wing-quick flashes of reflected light and a soundtrack of deconstructed Tudor music. I thought it was very cool and my 15-month-old son found it quite mesmerising.

Venture into Bruce Castle Museum and up the stairs for Ooh Art – where you can see Olympic-themed works by 11 Haringay artists, most of whom have incorporated the help of local children. There’s a good range of stuff here, including ceramics, textiles, painting and photography.

Afterwards, Bruce Castle Park is well worth spending some time in – a large, leafy space with playing fields, tennis courts, a peaceful memorial garden and a playground with kids’ paddling pool.

Have you seen any local art in London this summer? Tell us about it in the comments below.