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Bar Kick: Table Football in London

The winning team demonstrating skills from a misspent youthIf your professional football career isn’t going as well as you’d hoped, you can still live the dream of scoring that winning goal at London’s Bar Kick, the table football bar in Shoreditch.

The Visit London web team booked two of the 10 solid wooden football tables and organised teams for an evening of competitive festive fun. Games are just 80p each and a quick whip-round raised more than enough tokens for a serious tournament.

Table football turns out to be exciting and obsessive. Even if you’re not in the slightest bit interested in football or sport, you’ll have a good time. The games got pretty serious and I gouged a hole in my thumb with my index finger while spinning rows of gormless little footballers. But it was worth an injury to score a magnificent goal!

At half time, we filled up from Bar Kick’s bar menu which offers hearty portions of comfort food with lots of cheese and sausage.

Imagine scoring the goal that wins the match for your team. I have to imagine it – despite sensibly ignoring rules which we didn’t like, my team came second from last, only narrowly missing out on getting the booby prize, an imaginary wooden spoon.

It’s always match day at Bar Kick (and sister bar Café Kick in Clerkenwell). Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to some football fun.