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Rhythmic Gymnastics to be held at Wembley Arena for the 2012 Olympics

The international gymnastics federation (FIG) announced this week that the Rhythmic Gymnastics events will be held at Wembley Arena for the London 2012 Olympics.

Rhythmic Gymnastics and the Olympic Badminton competitions were originally scheduled to be held at a temporary venue near the Olympic Park in East London.

But London Olympic Games organisers decided last year to scrap the temporary facility and relocate both sports to Wembley Arena, which will save up to £40 million. A similar announcement is expected from the Badminton powers-that-be soon.

Wembley Arena seats 12,500 and is London’s second largest indoor arena (The O2 is the biggest). Wembley Arena underwent a £35 million renovation five years ago and, as you can see from the pic, it’s looking very flash these days.

Wembley Arena has hosted some huge names in the past and this year has concerts by Flight of The Conchords, Green Day and John Mayer. Stunning acrobats Cirque du Soleil will also take to the famous stage in July.

We trust the Olympic rhythmic gymnasts will enjoy competing at Wembley Arena.