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Irving Penn Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery

An inspiring new exhibition has just opened at the National Portrait Gallery showing a superb collection of portraits by the legendary photographer Irving Penn.

If you are an avid Vogue reader like me then you may have heard of American photographer Irving Penn, as many of his works were commissioned by the magazine and their collaboration continued for more than 50 years.

The National Portrait Gallery has worked closely with Penn’s estate to create the stunning collection.

Each of the 120 portraits featured illustrate Penn’s unique style. His rich yet simple black and white prints feature a range of high-profile subjects. You can see actors, poets, writers and painters including Audrey Hepburn, TS Eliot, Truman Capote and Pablo Picasso; each revealing a little of their characters through the photographer’s lens.

Sadly, Irving Penn passed away late last year. This exhibition celebrates his life’s work and his huge contribution to the world of photography and portraits. It is an absolute delight and a fine tribute to the photographer and his subjects.

Irving Penn Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery is now open and runs until 6 June.