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London Video Of The Week: Skyfall London Videoblog

Each week we share with you a fantastic London video – sometime shot by tourists, sometimes by schoolkids, sometimes featuring singers or other stars. But our weekly showcase of London videos aren’t often as starry as today’s offering.

Here’s a glimpse into the making of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, which appears to have some significant stretches of action in London. Ignore Sam Mendes’ assertion that London’s “not a particularly photogenic city” (what?!) instead listen to Daniel Craig telling us the this is Bond in Britain, and that London is a “very beautiful place.” 

Skyfall – a new film starring Whitehall, Vauxhall Bridge, Embankment and Smithfield Market. How exciting: we can’t wait!

Designing 007: 50 Years of Bond Style at The Barbican

Bond is back and this time he’s at The Barbican. Designing 007: Fifty Years of  Bond Style is an exhibition celebrating the world’s most illustrious spy, who first appeared on our screens in 1962. On display are Bond gadgets, costumes, set …