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To Detox or To Retox? THAT is the Question!

So Christmas is a distant memory, and we have already broken our New Year’s resolutions.

But for those of you who are still on the straight and narrow, now is the perfect time to sample The Met Bar’s COMO Shambhala cuisine. Part of the COMO Shambhala holistic health concept, all the dishes are made with raw ingredients and cooked in a way that reduces the fat but preserves the nutrients – the perfect way to fill up without breaking your detox diet.

Of course, there’s also our favourite indulgence without the bad conscience, Afternoon De-Light Tea. With rice flour scones, no-bread sandwich pots and fresh-fruit flavoured cupcakes, the tea is low in gluten and sugar. A naughty treat with less of the guilt!

And for those of you who like us are, quite frankly, ready to retox, we already have parties galore planned for 2010!

We were both back on the champagne as of 2 January (!) and have been thinking about our forthcoming fabulous events ever since the New Year began.

First up we have our annual members’ party. This year the theme is “2010: A Space Oddity”. Think Lady Gaga meets David Bowie. Those of you lucky enough to be members will have seen our animated invite and know exactly what we’re talking about!

But while we’ve been dreaming of mirror balls and glam-rock wigs, we have also been busy creating a tropical-themed Jonny Awsum show to banish those winter blues; another 80s music quiz for all those Kajagoogoo fans; and a Valentine’s burlesque and cabaret night that’s sure to top even our “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Christmas extravaganza!

So whether you’re a detoxer or a retoxer we’ve got something going on for everyone. It’s time to dust off those wintery feelings and come on down and join us!