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Dirty Dancing Valentine’s Day Charity Gala Performance with Magic 105.4fm

I don’t know anyone who’s seen the film Dirty Dancing and doesn’t like either the whole movie OR at least one scene, song, or line of the script – agreed?

What about the scene when Baby first sees Johnny Castle walking into Kellerman’s Holiday Camp to start the summer season?


The two classic lines of the film:
“I carried a watermelon” and “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”

My two favourite songs in the film are Cry To Me by Solomon Burke (when they do THAT dance!), and Hey Baby by Bruce Chanel – do you remember Baby and Johnny dancing over the river on the log??  

It’s such a lovely film and will go down in history for so many reasons.

Well, Dirty Dancing is now a musical in its sixth successful year in London’s West End. London’s No 1 radio station Magic 105.4 is hosting a gala performance in time for Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s on Saturday 13 February at the Aldwych Theatre and all proceeds will go to Cash for Kids – Magic’s chosen charity. 

One of the scenes I’m really looking forward to seeing again when Johnny (Martin Harvey) and Baby (Hannah Vassallo) dance to Solomon Burke’s Cry To Me. The audience generally go wild as the actors and actresses on stage re-produce the scenes from the film verbatim. It’s just like watching a live version of the film!

The character of Penny, played by Nadia Coote is so faithful to the film: with those legs that seem to go on for eternity!

And the soundtrack always has everyone singing along – need I say more? Dirty Dancing is just one of those productions which you find yourself talking about all the way home, and then telling your friends about when you go to school, college or work the following day.

Why not experience it for yourself? Get some friends together and join us for the Gala Performance.

I would also say bring your husband or boyfriend along… For some reason, men are normally in short supply in the audience for this production(!), so twist your hubby’s arm – I’m sure he’ll end up enjoying it too.