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Video of the Week: Summer in London

SUMMER IN LONDON from Umberto Aguiar on Vimeo.

It might be the first week in September, but we’re reluctant to let go of summer just yet at VL Towers.

This week’s video was sent to us by Umberto Aguiar, who writes:

This is a personal project that I shot and edited.
In the beginning, was the music… I heard Santiago Mantas’ original composition and had this idea of making a clip to show the joy of summer in London but wasn’t sure of how to do it.
Then I met, just by chance, this young actress, Julie McLellan, who I imagined could be the embodiment of summer, as a mythological character . This way, “summer” could be walking around London, drinking, riding a bicycle…
It reminds me of what a French writer, Albert Camus, wrote in an essay about summer: “History taught me that there is a lot of misery under the sun. The sun taught me that history is not everything.”

What are your best memories of summer 2010 in London?