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Eurostar Tri-City-Athlon: Stage 2, Brussels, a Slipped Chain and a Broken Flipflop

After my old faithful flip flops breaking and Karen Pickering lending me hers, we got off the Eurostar and braved the Metro in Brussels much to the bemusement of the locals. A quick walk and we were there.

To say the bike part didn’t go well for me is an understatement!

Having not been on a bike for the best part of a year, I was wondering whether I should have invested in some stablisers!

12.40 and we are off. Six laps, 40km in total of quite a technical course and a cut-off time to add to the pressure. We have to ensure we get the next Eurostar train back to London. (And oh, London, how I missed your flatness and straightness as I cycled round!)

By lap 2, the cramp has set in on my left calf. And then through came Alistair Brownlee, lapping me already! (I had to remind myself that he does this for a job).

Onward I went, cramp in toe. Lap 4 saw my chain come off my bike, but through pure grit and determination, I made it to the end. I wasn’t last, but almost.

We’re now enroute to London on Eurostar, just having had a massage on the calf and waiting for my dinner.

Looking forward to the last leg in Regent’s Park and determined to finish so hoping the good British public are there to cheer us on. There are lots of tired and achy bodies aboard along with a few injured but everyone is in high spirits and thoroughly enjoying the day.

See you all in London, home sweet home.

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