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Eat Film at London Restaurant Festival

Eat Film - just one of many tasty treats at London Restaurant FestivalYou know what it’s like, you see a really cool movie and, as you leave the cinema, you can’t help but feel like you want to wear that dress, kiss that boy or sit down to that feast from the film.

Well, we may not be able to provide the first two but London Restaurant Festival delivers the meal & movie thing on a plate!

Eat Film is one of the coolest events happening during the festival’s week-long celebration of food and restaurants in London.

At Eat Film you get to watch a film then eat food inspired by it.

For example, watch Goodfellas in the comfortable Soho Hotel screening room, then dine afterwards on delicious spaghetti and meatballs and drink funky Goodfellas-themed cocktails, such as “The Godfather” –  a tasty concoction of whisky, Amaretto and orange zest – or “The Wiseguy” – a muddled apple and rasperry drink featuring Ivan the Terrible vodka.  I bet that hits the spot (pun fully intended).

Or why not sample the new Meryl Streep film, Julie & Julia, which follows two very different American women, separated by time and geography, but brought together by a shared love of French cookery. It’s followed by a très bien French meal, naturellement.

Or you could taste cult film Eat Drink Man Woman, then be treated to a Taiwanese banquet at Keelung restaurant, featuring won tons, “drunken” chicken,  sichuan flavours and a pig’s trotter hot pot.

And families will enjoy the lunchtime screening of Ratatouille at The Barbican, followed by a kid-friendly meal in Searcy’s restaurant at the venue.

I’m getting hungry just writing about it. Get your tickets today from the London Restaurant Festival website.