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Amusing War-Time Film Went the Day Well? Re-Released

Witty wartime film Went the Day Well? based on a Graham Greene story returns to the big screen this week and I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview.

The fast-paced thriller, produced by Ealing Studios in 1942 as unofficial propaganda, depicts public concerns during the Second World War in the cheery little village of Bramley End.

Led by the respectable Major Hammond (Basil Sydney), a troop of British soldiers turn up unexpectedly in the quaint village. They are soon immersed within the community, thanks to the help of village gentry Oliver Wilsford (Leslie Banks).

But all is not what it seems, and suspicions are raised over the handwriting of one of the soldiers and a piece of chocolate found in a rucksack – cue village camaraderie, plots and shock tactics.

Banks plays the wily Wilsford with aplomb, while Sydney’s portrayal of Hammond is reminiscent of Sid Lowe’s Captain Mainwaring (Dad’s Army) at his most beguiling.

While hilarious one-liners are thrown in, the story also has surprising sinister and violent moments.

It’s a must-see – if just for the 1940s time acting and filmmaking.

Restored by the British Film Institute the film is re-released on 9 July 2010 at BFI Southbank.