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Bison to Bedlam: Fascinating Finds from the Crossrail Project

Discover a fascinating free exhibition of the finds unearthed by the Crossrail project at its Tottenham Court Road Visitor InformationĀ Centre. From the remains of a Bedlam inmate to rare pieces of amber, this display is an astonishing insight into the rich variety of London’s history.

Designed to provide a train service between Berkshire and Buckinghamshire via Central London, the mammoth Crossrail project is currently tunnelling its way through the city. To celebrate the halfway point of the project’s archaeology programme, it has staged a free display of some of the most spectacular finds.

One key exhibit is a skeleton from the Bedlam graveyard, the last resting place of those incarcerated in London’s notorious insane asylum. This is one of the younger discoveries, however, and you can also see an ancient segment of mammoth jaw displayed next to pieces of amber that are 55 million years old. A lighter note is provided by Saxon ice skates, which would have been used for gliding over the frozen Moorfields Marsh, as well as a rather amusing chamber pot – something best seen for yourself!

More information about the exhibits is provided both by the friendly staff and a series of free Wednesday evening seminars. These are given by the project’s archaeologists and take place from 6.30pm.

Bison to Bedlam is at the Crossrail Visitor Information Centre at 16-18 St Giles High Street. Opening times are 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Thursday and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays. The exhibition is open until 27 October