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The establishment tried to close Radio Caroline, the famous 1960s pirate radio station, many times but it kept bouncing back, and now it’s popped up once again – this time at the British Music Experience.

Radio Caroline has, in fact, never gone away. Its dedicated team of DJs and managers have ensured this important part of the swinging 60s continues to broadcast to this day, playing a mix of 60s and 70s music and current bands.

A ban on offshore pirate radio, a government raid and a shipwreck all threatened to shut the station, but it survived, and now you can hear the live show and see the DJs in action at the British Music Experience.

Part of London 60s Week, the story of Radio Caroline is told in a fascinating exhibition from its humble beginnings, to its heyday of famous DJs of the 60s and 70s and the present day. There is also a collection of memorabilia and a mock cabin of the Radio Caroline ship.

The station helped launch many DJ’s and musician’s careers including Tony Blackburn, Johnnie Walker The Kinks, The Who and The Rolling Stones.

Peter Moore, Radio Caroline station manager told Visit London: “Caroline was the generator of a lot happening in the 60s – without us a lot of things wouldn’t have happened. Once we set it running it took off on its own, the fashion, the stars….The government started thinking ‘how do we get the lid back on this?’ so our history is of various governments trying to stop us somehow.”

Moore added. “The tinge of illegality, although it wasn’t really illegal, gave it a nice edge. And of course the fact that these disc-jockeys were like the superstars of the present day – they were big, big stars.”

The station’s ultimate goal is to broadcast aboard their ship Ross Revenge live from a London location, also allowing it to become an attraction seen by tourists and locals alike, so watch this space.

Radio Caroline at the British Music Experience in The O2 was part of London 60s Week which finished on Sunday, but its stay has been extended until 7th August – so don’t miss it!

Radio Caroline wishes to thank London 60s Week for making the exhibition possible.

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London 60s Week Launch Tue, 20 Jul 2010 14:00:00 +0000 I was lucky enough to attend the launch of London 60s Week on Friday – and it sounds positively groovy baby!

This new seven-day long celebration of all things 1960s includes everything from a look at mod fashion to special film screenings, 60s music from upcoming bands, and architecture tours.

London was at the heart of the swinging 1960s cultural revolution; with Carnaby Street, Soho and Kings Road among the hippest places to hang out.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the decade of peace, love, and harmony, the festival provides the opportunity for those who were not around to learn about 60s culture, and for those who were to reminisce.

Chair of London 60s Week, Chris Pleydell, said: “There seemed to me to be a void in our communication between one generation and another. This project’s sole goal is to reach between these two generations…from the ones who are making cultural history now to those that have already put their stamp on the UK’s history.”

Visit for more information on events and locations. Events continue until 25th July.

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