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Visit London Asks: What Song Reminds You of London?

Last week we wanted to know about the best places for food after midnight in London. Thanks for your tips!

And so to this week’s burning question.

Earlier this month, I arranged to meet my sister at Baker Street, and was instantly earwormed by THAT sax solo. In honour of Raphael Ravenscroft, (not Bob Holness, sorry) today we’re asking for your favourite London tunes. The London anthems. Those Cockney ditties. The capital songs that remind you of our fair city.

A few spring to mind. Waterloo Sunset, for one. Sound of the Underground is another. Or Lily’s LDN. We’re not sure you’ll get any points for London Calling by The Clash, either. We’re more interested in the more left-field suggestions. We want to know what song you connect with the capital; as well as why, who, where, when and what makes it your special London song.

Tell us what you whistle on Westminster Bridge, what you hum on your way into Hammersmith Station, what you sing as you stride down The Strand…

And apologies if we’ve earwormed you too…