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Giraffe Fun Day at ZSL London Zoo. Visit London Asks: What’s Your Favourite Animal?

There was a new addition to the family of giraffes at London Zoo this weekend – but for one day only.

Giddy the Giraffe, a cuddlier version of his mammalian relatives, made a special appearance at the world-famous animal park in Regent’s Park on Sunday. No prizes for guessing which popular restaurant chain Giddy is the mascot for. Struggling? It’s Giraffe of course.

The occasion was the restaurant’s first ever family fun day, held in a private enclosure at the zoo. Restaurant bosses treated their staff and 100 website competition winners to a fantastic day out at the popular London attraction. My sons – 2, 4 and 6 – are all big animal lovers and so were thrilled at being included on the VIP guest list.

Besides a free entry to the zoo, Giraffe laid on a bouncy castle, face painters and an entertainer who taught the kids a few nifty circus skills. There were drinks, drinks and more drinks, and a Giraffe-style buffet lunch laid on for all the guests. Once lunch was over we had a lovely wander in the sunshine around the zoo. We visited the gorillas, zebras, reptiles, penguins, meerkats and more.

And then it was back to the enclosure to find out if we’d won any prizes in the raffle. Sadly not, but it was money well spent as our cash goes towards supporting ZSL’s vital conservation projects in Britain and around the world.

The event marked the start of an on-going partnership between the restaurant chain and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), which runs the zoo. The chain aims to raise  £50,000 for ZSL this year. Customers can help their efforts by ordering a Falafel Deluxe Burger when they dine out at Giraffe. The restaurant will give 50p from every sale to support ZSL’s critical work. From working to save the British house sparrow to making sure the newly-discovered population of okapi (the closest known relative of the giraffe) are safe, the money raised aims to make the planet a better place.

Have you visited London Zoo recently? In the comments below, tell us what your (or your kids’) favourite animals are.