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Top 10 London Apps

Going out in London? There’s an app for that, actually there are loads. London apps are like a knowledgeable friend in your pocket, telling you where to eat, get the best deals or even how to get home. Here’s our favourite London apps which will help you find everything from free stuff to Shakespeare’s favourite haunts.

London Tube
With this comprehensive app you’ll never get lost in London again. Indispensable to any traveller, it provides Henry Beck’s classic map of the London Underground. The app offers live updates, a journey planner tool, a directory of Tube lines and stops and can locate the nearest Tube station from your position. (£0.69, iPhone only)

A fantastic app for foodies who want an easy way to search for restaurant deals. Easy to navigate, you can find and book great restaurants across London and enjoy thousands of special offers. The app can locate nearby restaurants and features a tip calculator – perfect for those tricky bill splitting/tip calculating moments! (Free, iPhone and Android versions)

Street Museum: Museum of London
A good looking, clever and imaginative app that brings the old together with the new. Using images from the Museum of London’s collections, it the capital’s history from momentous occasions to everyday events. Its focus on central London is a drawback but this is a great use of technology and can only grow. (Free, iPhone and Android versions)

This is a great app for those who want to discover and learn more about London. It provides an offline map and a geographically accurate Tube map. You can locate nearby points of interest or you can search by category, such as top places, history and people or geography and transportation. (£1.49, iPhone only)

Time Out London
This is a useful app to help you organise days and nights out in London. It provides up to date information on gigs, events, bars, restaurants, club nights and film releases. The app includes a map showing events near the user’s location and you can search by location and taste. (Free, iPhone and Android versions)

Free London
Want to find out about all things free in London? Then this is the app for you. It provides information on the best free museums, free (or cheap) theatre tickets, cheap eats and accommodation for under £15 a night. Covering a range of London districts, listings can be categorized so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. (£1.49, iPhone only)

Shakespeare’s London
An interesting and informative app that’s an absolute must for Shakespeare fans and anyone interested in the history of London. Well-researched and threaded with great facts, it looks beyond the obvious spots and guides you around the playwright’s favourite haunts and sites of significance in the capital. (£1.99, iPhone only)

24 Hours London
This is an innovative app that lists fun and unusual things to do during every hour of the day in London. With links to contact details, and websites where applicable, this is a neat concept that lists some of London’s best kept secrets. (£1.49, iPhone only)

London on a Plate
Described as a fusion of food and fashion, this stylish app is a guide to London’s food culture. It offers restaurant reviews, tips on the best food shops and markets and provides the home cook with recipes from the capital’s finest chefs. A 10% donation from each app sale is made to the surplus food charity FareShare. (£2.99, iPhone only)

Cycle Hire
This is an accurate and user- friendly app for the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme in London. A clean, easy interface allows you to access your cycle hire account, see bike availability, set reminders as to when you need to return your bike and get a cycling route between two bike hire stations. (Free, iPhone only)

Which London apps are you using? Let us know in the comments below.