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David Hasselhoff in Peter Pan at the New Wimbledon Theatre

The London panto season is in full swing and in a casting of twisted genius, David Hasselhoff and Louie Spence are starring together in Peter Pan at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

Last night I went along to see the show – the inexplicable lure of the Hoff is too strong to resist – and it’s a brilliant night out.

When I saw the Hoff playing Billy Flynn in Chicago the Musical in London in 2004, one fan was so excited he was sick and was hanging on to the balcony refusing to leave the auditorium till the Hoff left the stage. This passionate obsession the world seems to have for David Hasselhoff makes him perfect for panto. The audience loved every minute of his confident, dastardly Captain Hook and loved shouting, booing and cheering him.

Louie Spence won over everyone with his charm and hilarious dancing, much of which was aimed at the Hoff, which made it even funnier. (Starting to wonder if I’m just blogging a weird dream…)

The other outstanding performance was from the Panettes, a super singing Supremes trio who serenade Peter Pan.

David Hasselhoff isn’t appearing in every performance. Just when this whole thing couldn’t get any stranger, the role of Captain Hook will also be played by Jeremy Jackson (the actor who played Hoff’s son Hobie in Baywatch) and Jerry Springer.

I’m not going to claim this production of Peter Pan is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the London stage because I’ll never live it down, but it is. Really. My face hurts from laughing. Book your tickets now!

Peter Pan at the New Wimbledon Theatre. 10 December – 16 January. Tickets from £18.50.