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Supermarket Shakespeare in London

Supermarket Shakespeare returns this spring with a new free show performed just for you in the aisles at Sainsbury’s! The performances are created by theatre company Teatro Vivo who love performing in unusual places.

This year’s performances are based on Sonnet 23. Six performers will create contemporary characters and perform their stories around the supermarket while you shop. Popping out in your pyjamas to buy fish fingers and custard will suddenly be so much more exciting!

We caught up with actor Mark Stevenson to find out more:

Why are you doing Shakespeare in a supermarket?
We want to put theatre in places where everyone goes in order to make the show a truly universal experience. People don’t have to worry about expensive tickets and feeling that the theatre isn’t the place for them. It’s in their supermarket!

How do the shoppers react?
We’ve had shoppers hugging the characters, giving them advice, crying with them and, of course, the odd person being completely perplexed by what’s going on.

Where are your favourite Shakespearean places in London?
Temple – the inns of court where some of his performances took place. His portrait in the National Portrait Gallery and, of course, The Globe.

Where are your favourite places in London to perform?
Places like BAC and The Pleasance where there are always exciting things going on, and found spaces like parks and museums.

Where do actors like to go in London?
Anywhere there is good coffee and late night drinking (so mostly Soho).

What’s the best thing you’ve seen in London recently?
Kursk at The Young Vic – it felt like being in a submarine.

Supermarket Shakespeare 20 Apr – 16 May at Sainsbury’s in Lee Green, Forest Hill, New Cross and Lewisham. Check website for dates and times.