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Piccadilly Circus Signs Go Interactive

Close-up of a sign at Piccadilly Circus

Any idea what this picture is?

It’s a close-up of one of the famous illuminated signs at Piccadilly Circus in London’s West End.

The signs are photographed by hundreds of tourists every day, so McDonald’s has decided to add an interactive element to theirs.

Standing in front of the changing display, you can be photographed lifting a giant weight, holding an umbrella or even dreaming of chicken nuggets.

Piccadilly sign facts:

  • The McDonald’s sign is made up of 236,160 pixels. Each pixel contains three LED bulbs: one red, one green and one blue
  • John Lowe has looked after the Piccadilly Circus signs for the last 31 years. He’s currently training up a colleague in preparation for his retirement
  • The new McDonald’s sign was installed last year. The final tile was put in place by Albert Oaten, an engineer who has worked on signs in Piccadilly Circus for more than 40 years
  • The signs give off lots of heat and have to be constantly cooled by fans
  • There used to be a resident caretaker, who lived in a flat behind the signs
  • Surprisingly, the signs aren’t popular with pigeons, as they don’t like sitting too close to the edge!