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Dressing up is the best thing about Halloween but the food and drink comes a close second. Halloween-themed cupcakes are springing up all over the place and I can’t pass the Krispy Kreme stand on my way to the office without taking a look at the Halloween doughnuts.

Eat your way through the spooky season with these ghoulish treats:

  • Day of the Dead De-Light at the Met Bar: Taking inspiration from Mexico’s colourful Day of the Dead festival, the Met Bar is presenting chocolate cupcakes with sugar skulls, coffin-shaped mud pies and savoury snacks. All waist-friendly of course! 25 Oct-2 Nov
  • Halloween at Planet Hollywood: Staff in fancy dress will serve you from a special Halloween menu. There’ll be games and face painters for the kids from 3-8pm and dressing up is encouraged. 31 Oct
  • Gilgamesh Halloween Party: Music, visual displays and spine tingling Halloween cocktails will keep you entertained all night. 30 Oct
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Keep vampires at bay with a Garlic Mayo Burger at GBK. Available until 31 Oct
  • Evil Cupcakes: Thought cupcakes were cute? Think again, as this over-18s pop-up shop brings the most gruesome of cupcakes to London. Oozing eyeballs, skulls and even squeezable zit cupcakes are all on the less-than-appetising menu. 29-31 Oct, Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street.

Where are you eating and drinking this Halloween? Tell us in the comments below.

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Met Bar: Looking Back on a Frantic Week Tue, 20 Apr 2010 15:33:27 +0000 The reality of last week is starting to kick-in, to say it was busy would be a massive understatement. Only a week after the Met Bar’s floor has been lovingly renovated it was filled to the brim with a melting pot of music fans and fashionistas.

Sunday saw an event hosted by one of London’s most prolific music managers/ agents. Kissy Sell Out, Eddie Temple-Morris and A.Human entertained the Sunday clubbing pack, who were dancing frenetically and kept the bar staff awake til the early hours of Monday morning.

Hotel, Hotel, the Met Bar’s newest monthly club-night was launched on Wednesday to a rapturous welcome from the ever-adoring fashion and music crowd. They were all quaffing complimentary Patron Silver Tequila cocktails created specially for the night.

Jodie Harsh and Skin (from Skunk Anansie) kept everyone dancing while the Met Bar staff continued to produce their world famous cocktails. The date for the next Hotel, Hotel, will be announced shortly, so keep your diary open and your dancing shoes ready!

Music Week magazine celebrated their awards show in the most fitting way – with a party at the Met Bar. On Thursday night the bar was bursting at the seams with music executives and notaries, all desperately clamouring for the packed bar. One of our residents, Ed, kept spinning the hits keeping the bar at capacity all night long.

If you’re single and like to mingle, our new event last Friday would’ve been perfect for you. Launched by long-time member Caroline Butler, “Mingles” is a less intimidating alternative to speed dating. The infamous Jonny Awsum and his assistant Ellie hosted the night, and in Jonny’s typical style the night was filled with controversial games and feel-good music. I’m sure I sensed love in the air…

After Mingles everyone was dancing as the charismatic drummer from Duran Duran, Roger Taylor took to the decks. His eclectic 80s set filled the brand-new dance floor with hoards of fans and Met Bar revellers alike.

This Wednesday the fabulous Jonny Awsum will be performing his live, interactive TV show at the Met Bar. This month he’s at the movies so if you can scream like you’re in a horror movie or cry like you’re in a rom-com this is the show for you!

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Another Busy Week at The Met Bar Thu, 08 Apr 2010 09:13:34 +0000 The lovely Jamie Holloway has moved onto pastures new. He will be much-missed by the whole Met Bar team. As the Met Bar’s new Membership, PR & Events Executive I have quite a legacy to fulfill. I’m excited about taking over the reins and keeping all of you up to date on the amazing events (and other notable stuff) happening at London’s premier members bar.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Jo and myself hosting talented music maestros and their aficionados. Ben Forster performed classic melodies and upbeat hits with his angelic vocals and ex-Oasis star Andy Bell rocked the Met Bar’s decks in his formidable style.

For those of you that have never had the pleasure of meeting Andy or seeing him DJ, you totally missed out on Thursday. I was expecting to meet a moody Northern lad, but I was pleasantly surprised by his amicable demeanour and laidback style. His eclectic set gave nothing away about his rock star roots, as he spun tracks ranging from 80’s pop to reggae.  And much to everyone’s delight, the hits kept flowing from the masterfully controlled Met Bar decks all night.

The instantly lovable and insanely talented Ben Forster was the flavour of Wednesday evening. His powerful, soulful, melodic tones filled the Met Bar and it’s adoring crowd with sounds that make the hairs on your neck stand up.

Ben is a bit of a West End legend, he has starred in the Michael Jackson-inspired phenomenon Thriller – Live and the classic musical Grease. He also hosts the live and unplugged institution that is Have You Met which, if you haven’t had the pleasure to see, is a feast of new and established vocal talent.

Next Wednesday we have the launch of mine and Jodie Harsh’s new monthly night, Hotel Hotel. More info coming very soon…

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2010: A Space Oddity at the Met Bar Fri, 29 Jan 2010 17:08:34 +0000 We’ve been facebooking, twittering and generally fussing and flapping about it for months now… and last night, our annual members’ party finally came to fruition. In true Met Bar style, it was an explosion of glam rock glitterballs and futuristic fantasy!

More than 200 Met Bar members descended on the bar and hotel lobby, which had been transformed to reflect our David Bowie-meets-Lady Gaga theme. Lightning bolts were the recurring motif, with a giant astronaut suspended above the dancefloor, surrounded by hordes of disco balls.

Guests ate cosmic canapés and consumed (many, many!) out-of-this-world Barbarella and Major Tom cocktails, while glam rock and electro pop hits blasted out across the lobby.

Our friends from Lost In Beauty were also on hand to adorn everyone with glittered lightning bolts, and soon the whole room was sporting the look of the night!

At 9pm, a wave of champagne was sent around as everyone moved through to the Met Bar to watch celebrity stylist and performance artist Johnny Blue Eyes perform to David Bowie’s Starman. Dressed in a silver catsuit and feathered cape, Johnny’s provocative performance (we can’t detail here how he interacted with our astronaut!) had the room buzzing. When the music kicked in after he left, the stage everyone truly let loose!

London faces such as PVC beauty Miss Pandemonia, Phillip Salon, Boy George and Lady Lloyd mingled with fashion and music PRs and Met Bar regulars, creating our much imitated but never bettered electric atmosphere!

We are still trying to wipe the glitter off our faces this afternoon, and while we don’t like to pick favourites among our events, last night’s has to be one that people will be twittering about for days to come!

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Aloha from the Met Bar! Fri, 22 Jan 2010 10:31:33 +0000 For those of you who weren’t aware, this Monday was Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year.

Now here at the Met Bar we don’t take ourselves too seriously (as you may have noticed by now!), but even we were feeling unusually subdued this week, so we knew we needed something extra special to perk everyone up. Luckily, our good friend Jonny Awsum came to the rescue on Wednesday by taking us all on a Summer Holiday, when the Jonny Awsum Show went tropical!

Hawaiian leis garlands were mandatory uniform upon entering the bar, and Russell – everyone’s favourite cross-dressing glamorous assistant – was resplendent in just a grass skirt and a pair of coconuts.

Things kicked off with a limbo competition. There were no surprises when Jo walked away with the winning prize (make of that what you will!). This was quickly followed by a sing-a-long with West End star Jack Shalloo to Summer of ’69.

Other top hits of the night  included Heaven is a Place on Earth and Freedom with singer/song writer extraordinaire Belle Humble.

A hula hoop competition kicked off the second half of the show, which ended up with just about EVERYONE in the bar having a go. Jamie sadly let the Met Bar team down when he lost out in the final “hula-hoop off”. It was so much fun; the hula hoop was being passed around the bar long after the show had finished!

After the rock ‘n’ roll raffle, there was just time to round things off with a final rousing rendition of Summer Nights from Grease – ending the night on a truly tropical high! Take a look at all the action below:

So forget the January Blues, here at the Met Bar we’re all about fun in the sun! Join us next month on 17 February when the Jonny Awsum Show will be all loved up…

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To Detox or To Retox? THAT is the Question! Thu, 14 Jan 2010 17:11:08 +0000 So Christmas is a distant memory, and we have already broken our New Year’s resolutions.

But for those of you who are still on the straight and narrow, now is the perfect time to sample The Met Bar’s COMO Shambhala cuisine. Part of the COMO Shambhala holistic health concept, all the dishes are made with raw ingredients and cooked in a way that reduces the fat but preserves the nutrients – the perfect way to fill up without breaking your detox diet.

Of course, there’s also our favourite indulgence without the bad conscience, Afternoon De-Light Tea. With rice flour scones, no-bread sandwich pots and fresh-fruit flavoured cupcakes, the tea is low in gluten and sugar. A naughty treat with less of the guilt!

And for those of you who like us are, quite frankly, ready to retox, we already have parties galore planned for 2010!

We were both back on the champagne as of 2 January (!) and have been thinking about our forthcoming fabulous events ever since the New Year began.

First up we have our annual members’ party. This year the theme is “2010: A Space Oddity”. Think Lady Gaga meets David Bowie. Those of you lucky enough to be members will have seen our animated invite and know exactly what we’re talking about!

But while we’ve been dreaming of mirror balls and glam-rock wigs, we have also been busy creating a tropical-themed Jonny Awsum show to banish those winter blues; another 80s music quiz for all those Kajagoogoo fans; and a Valentine’s burlesque and cabaret night that’s sure to top even our “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Christmas extravaganza!

So whether you’re a detoxer or a retoxer we’ve got something going on for everyone. It’s time to dust off those wintery feelings and come on down and join us!

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Last Jonny Awsum Show of 2009 at the Met Bar Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:05:51 +0000 Jonny AwsumWednesday night saw the final Jonny Awsum Show of the year and as with all good TV shows it was a jam-packed Christmas special.

The best acts from the year – The Misers, Jem Cooke, The Amateurs and Alfie Palmer – came back for a Christmas sing-a-long with the Met Bar members, and after a warm up interactive version of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” (complete with Jonny’s glamorous assistant Eleanor dressed as a partridge) the bar was already in high spirits.

The Christmas music quiz made the stakes even higher with the audience screaming out to be the first to win the coveted Quality Street prizes!

But the magic Christmas moment came at the end when Jonny invited all the guests on stage to join him in a rendition of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”.

As the song went on guests started to head for the stage and join in, and by the end everyone had flooded it completely! Suffice to say that screaming at the top of our lungs and dancing like crazy to a whole string of Christmas hits we definitely now know its Christmas time! Take a look at all the fun below:


This is our last blog of 2009 as we are actually NOT partying for a couple of weeks (!), but we’ll be back with a bang in January with news of our live music, anarchic quizzes and space and fairytale themed parties.

But for now its time for Jamie to put a santa hat over his quaff, and Jo to put flats on for the first time this year and enjoy a festive break – Merry Christmas!

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Rock’n’Roll Week at the Met Bar Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:08:58 +0000 NicolAs the home of rock’n’roll, we’re used to live music here at the Met Bar.  But this week was extra special with not one, but two, amazing live performances:

Tuesday saw rock super group Man Raze take to the Met Bar stage to give us a truly incredible punk performance. Man Raze are what you get if you take the drummer from the Sex Pistols and the guitarist from Def Leppard and put them in a new band. And boy did it make for a storming night in the Met Bar!

The music legends performed to a packed crowd, including Boy George and top music moguls, and had the floor shaking and the music pumping. Even Jamie (who is a bit of a pop princess!) got into the heavy metal moment and rocked out with the rest of the bar!

Less than 24 hours later, we were back; this time for an intimate night of music from singer/songwriters Femme Fatale. Singers Izzy Roth, Tasha Bobbe, Lisbee Stainton and Nicol all wowed the audience with soulful acoustics and belting voices.

And if that wasn’t enough, we were then treated to a surprise performance from organizer John Fossey (ZEN FM Presents) and his house band. The Motown classics soon had everyone up and dancing for the second night in a row, and in true Met Bar style the 12am curfew came very close to being broken!

So having rocked out and shimmied down, we have come to the end of yet another amazing week at the Met Bar – next week, it’s all about the Jonny Awsum Christmas special!

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An Awsum Bublé Tribute Act at the Met Bar Mon, 23 Nov 2009 17:09:48 +0000 Jonny Awsum flyerOn Wednesday night, the eighth episode of the Jonny Awsum show (our monthly dose of kooky cabaret) took place at the Met Bar.  We’re used to the usual hi-jinx, the slightly chaotic but fabulously fun feel to Jonny’s show, but we thought there was nothing new that could shock us.

Oh, how wrong we were!

Firstly, Jonny’s glamorous assistant Eleanor was away, so she was replaced by the not-so-glamorous Russell. Russell is Jonny’s wing man, complete with a full beard and dressed in *that* Ginger Spice Union Jack dress, with some interesting lumps and bumps to say the least!

Then, the Rock’n’roll Raffle went without a hitch or re-draw! (A record 25 re-draws has been known in one show!)

However, the real wow moment came later, in the second half, when singer and Michael Bublé impersonator Alfie Palmer took to the stage.

Fresh from recently performing with Michael Bublé himself, where the real Michael Bublé was so impressed he threw him off the bill for fear of being upstaged! (Alfie is much better looking, ladies!)

The Sun had written about Alfie in eager anticipation of his Met Bar performance, but this didn’t prepare us for what was to come! Alfie was quite simply amazing (cue much swooning). By the time he sung his farewell duet with Jonny, the whole bar was screaming for more.

We are delighted to announce Alfie had such an amazing time he’s coming back for the Jonny Awsum Christmas Special on 16 December. Alfie, if you’re reading this, you have two more members for your fan club!

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80s Flashback at the Met Bar Tue, 10 Nov 2009 16:00:56 +0000 I Remember the 80s quizFor those of you who know their Duran Duran from their Japan, last Friday night in the Met Bar would have been the event for you. We time-warped back to the era of shoulder pads, mullets and power ballads for our first I Remember the 80s music quiz.

Hosted by none other than Met Bar loyalist Jonny Awsum, our eight teams of members (including Oasis’s Andy Bell) were each given a different 80s wig, from punk rocker to Tina Turner.

Music intros from one-hit wonders to cartoon theme tunes and famous faces were played in quick-fire rounds.

To buzz in, guests had to don their wig, jump up and scream “I Remember the 80s” first. One point was awarded for every correct answer, but two were deducted if the answer was wrong! Suffice to say, much chaos ensued (what can you expect with a room full of DINKIES and BOBOs)!

After an hour and a half of intense battle (and a little bit of cheating), the final bell tolled and the scores on the doors were totted up by Jonny’s glamorous Flashdance assistant, Eleanor. For the losers, a wooden spoon; for the winners, neon leg warmers and the chance to sing karaoke on stage to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer!


Another successful Met Bar event involving fancy dress and slightly wild behaviour (you might notice a pattern emerging!) In fact, we enjoyed it so much we have decided to host a 90s quiz next time. So dig out your combat trousers, your Spice Girls fan club badges and your yoyos, and watch this space!

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