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An Awsum Bublé Tribute Act at the Met Bar

Jonny Awsum flyerOn Wednesday night, the eighth episode of the Jonny Awsum show (our monthly dose of kooky cabaret) took place at the Met Bar.  We’re used to the usual hi-jinx, the slightly chaotic but fabulously fun feel to Jonny’s show, but we thought there was nothing new that could shock us.

Oh, how wrong we were!

Firstly, Jonny’s glamorous assistant Eleanor was away, so she was replaced by the not-so-glamorous Russell. Russell is Jonny’s wing man, complete with a full beard and dressed in *that* Ginger Spice Union Jack dress, with some interesting lumps and bumps to say the least!

Then, the Rock’n’roll Raffle went without a hitch or re-draw! (A record 25 re-draws has been known in one show!)

However, the real wow moment came later, in the second half, when singer and Michael Bublé impersonator Alfie Palmer took to the stage.

Fresh from recently performing with Michael Bublé himself, where the real Michael Bublé was so impressed he threw him off the bill for fear of being upstaged! (Alfie is much better looking, ladies!)

The Sun had written about Alfie in eager anticipation of his Met Bar performance, but this didn’t prepare us for what was to come! Alfie was quite simply amazing (cue much swooning). By the time he sung his farewell duet with Jonny, the whole bar was screaming for more.

We are delighted to announce Alfie had such an amazing time he’s coming back for the Jonny Awsum Christmas Special on 16 December. Alfie, if you’re reading this, you have two more members for your fan club!