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A Week of Afternoon De-Light…

Afternoon_Delight“…Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight”…some of you may recognise the lyrics from the Starland Vocal Band (later used in hilarious comedy, Anchorman) but to Jamie and I, the words play out like a sweet reminder of our marathon of Afternoon De-Light meetings this week.

For those of you who have not yet indulged in our guilt-free Afternoon De-Light, it’s London’s first ultra-chic yet waist-friendly version of the quintessential occasion.

Our marathon began on Monday. Following the success of the after-party at The Met Bar, we celebrated our accidental initiation into the “Ministry of Waxing”, truly converted by their manifesto to perfectly manicure the bushes of London’s elite – population that is!

On Tuesday, we welcomed vintage record-spinning DJs to the bar, the Broken Hearts (also known as Amber & Nisha), renowned for their kitsch costumes and fabulously themed parties. They will be making a guest appearance on the Afternoon De-Light roster in October with “The Broken Hearts present Scream Tea – a Halloween Spooktacular”!

On Wednesday, sassy author-in-the-making Bethanie Lunn joined us to experience the menu in order to include it in her forthcoming book, “The Modern Girls’ Guide to Fabulousness”. As a previous Burlesque performer and girl-about-town, word of our delectable tea had been ringing in her ears and she could resist temptation no longer. Perhaps it was the promise of a Victoria’s Secret cocktail?!

With more than 20 low-fat cupcakes (not that we’re counting) consumed (and still feeling saintly), yesterday we reached the dizzying heights of delight when seductive lingerie brand, The Modern Courtesan visited, who in less than seven days (8 August, to be exact) will be co-hosting our “Cour-tea-san De-Light” – sassy seduction classes where you can have your cake on the side.

Here we are at the start of a new day, with another meeting and yes, you’ve guessed it we’re “gonna grab some afternoon delight”…!