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Visit London Asks: What London Stunt Would You Like to See Performed?

Thanks to everyone who posted comments in response to last week’s question about your favourite London statues

So, we’ve all seen Robbie Maddison’s 40mph no-handed backflip across the 25ft gap between the two halves of Tower Bridge in the wee small hours of Monday morning.

So this week we want to know, what other ideas do you have for spectacular London stunts?

We laughed along as Brian May performed God Save the Queen on top of Buckingham Palace. We cheered as workers┬áabseiled down Big Ben’s clockface (in the name of a good spring clean). We basked in the sunshine with a picnic when Trafalgar Square was turfed over back in 2007. We gasped when Thunderbird 2 flew under Tower Bridge… wait, what do you mean that last one didn’t really happen?

We’re wondering if your idea of a great London stunt would be to have David Copperfield make The O2 disappear? Or to bring the Natural History Museum’s dinosaurs to life? Or are you hoping for a giant cupcake the size of The Cupcake come 2012?

Remember: in honour of Robbie Maddison: the more outrageous the better!