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Hide&Seek Weekender at The National Theatre and ICA

The 2010 Hide&Seek Weekender kicks off tonight at the National Theatre. We caught up with game designer Holly Gramazio to find out more.

What’s the Hide&Seek Weekender all about?
The Hide&Seek Weekender is a free annual weekend full of social games and playful experiences. These are games that artists, theatre-makers, designers, writers and all sorts of other people have come up with over the previous year – some of them have actors, some of them have running around, some of them have arguments or singing or balloons or GPS or pretty much anything really.

Do Londoners like playing games?
Definitely. This is our fourth year, and each year we’ve had many more players than the year before. The area around the National Theatre is a fun place to play. Passers-by tend to come to the Southbank with an expectation that something interesting will be going on, and they can be really keen to get involved.

Can anyone join in?
Yes. A lot of our players are 20- or 30-somethings, but we get all sorts: people who are younger or older, students, families. There are lots of different games, from really energetic out-and-about games to around-the-table stuff that’s a bit more like parlour games, so there’s something to suit everyone.

You can sign up for individual games on the day. Some places in each game are reserved until shortly before it starts for people who just walk up. People do pop along for just one game… though often they stay for one or two more afterwards!

Which bit are you most looking forward to?
The Sunday afternoon because we’re finishing up with a game of Pass the Impossibly Large Parcel, from 815agency. It’ll be on Theatre Square outside the National Theatre, the place with the great big astroturf armchairs, and the idea of a two-metre pass-the-parcel among giant furniture is just gorgeous.

Hide&Seek Weekender, Olivier Foyer at the National Theatre, 18:30 to 10pm on Friday 9 July, 12:00 -18:00 10 & 11 July. Hide & Seek party at the ICA on Saturday night (£6 in advance, £8 on the door). and