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Olympic Torch Lands in London

The Olympic Torch has arrived in London and is making its way around the city’s boroughs this week.

The torch landed at The Tower of London on Friday evening, delivered via helicopter by a Royal Marine Commando, Marine Martyn Williams. The soldier made a jaw-dropping 180ft abseil with the torch from the Royal Navy Sea King chopper at 20:12 hours, reflecting the year of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

London & Partners staffer Georgina Warren saw it from Potters Fields on the south side of the Thames: “Watching the Chinooks sweep across the London landscape and see the torch reach the Tower was a real goose bump moment.  I hadn’t expected to feel part of the ‘moment’, being across the river, but seeing the soldiers waving from inside the helicopters and the wave of emotion that hit as the crowds cheered them on suddenly made it all feel real, and made those watching feel part of what is about to happen… one of those ‘I was there’ moments I can tell people about in the future.”

Today’s torchbearers included Ceinwen Giles, who was first to carry the flame this morning, and British actor Sir Patrick Stewart.

The torch continues through London’s boroughs all week before ending up at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford for this Friday’s opening Ceremony. You can watch the torch relay online at

Let us know if you’ve seen the torch live in London in the comments below.