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Giant Octopus Comes to Trafalgar Square for London Design Festival 2010

A giant mechanical octopus will take over London’s Trafalgar Square this September as part of the London Design Festival.

Created by German designers Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram, the creature will have six robotic arms taken from Audi’s production line. The arms will have lights at the end and will create stunning “light paintings” in the air as they move. “Removed from their normal industrial context, they become mighty ambassadors from a foreign land,” says Kram.

Another festival highlight will be sculptures in the shape of huge shiny pennies by Paul Cocksedge, which will be on display outside the Royal Festival Hall. The sculptures will be magnetic, so, as Cocksedge explains, “as you go near them with a penny, they will take it from you”. All pennies stuck to the sculptures will be donated to charity.

There will also be a provocative Anti London Design Festival in East London, organised by Neville Brody. Based in and around Redchurch Street, events will include a “microplex” cinema seating just five people. Brody says, “You can see us as an ugly sister or an ugly cousin of the Design Festival. It’s time to tear up the plans and see what happens. You’re all invited!”

Top international designers are expected to flock to London for the world-leading festival. There will be more than 200 events across the capital.

London Design Festival runs from 18 to 26 September 2010