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The Philippines in London: Philippine Generations

The video above features second-generation Filipinos in London talking about their experience of growing up here. It was made in collaboration with local organisation Philippine Generations.

Adrian Williams, chairman of Philippine Generations, tells us a bit about the organisation and Filipinos in London for our World In London series.

Philippine Generations is a London-based not for profit organisation, led by the children of migrant workers, who are also known as the second generation. Philippine Generations promotes awareness and raises the profile of the Philippines, its people and culture in the UK, as well as raising the aspirations of Filipinos in the UK.

The last British Census (2001) claimed 250,000 Filipinos registered in the UK, this figure does not include the children of migrant workers or their children. With increased migration, especially in the health sector, as well as laws allowing Filipinos to bring their children into the UK after working here for a set number of years and those Filipinos not registered or registered as British, this figure should realistically be much higher.

Although the majority of Filipinos started life in the UK in Central London, the 1980s and 1990s saw many buying their own homes and settling in areas such as Hounslow, Plaistow, Seven Sisters, Battersea, Fulham and Earls Court. In fact, Earls Court has the highest concentration of Filipino stores and restaurants anywhere in the UK.

Philippine Generations events, projects and initiatives have included: Philippine cuisine, dance, martial arts, language classes, cultural workshops, political debates, VSO volunteering, golf, a charity fundraising gig, community research, football and book launches.

The next event is a parol-making Workshop at the Whizz-Kidz HQ in Victoria on 4 December 2010. Parol are star-shaped Christmas lanterns that are the Philippines’ symbol of Christmas. Twelve artists have been commissioned to create their own version of a parol to be exhibited in the SW1 Gallery a week after the parol workshop.

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