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One-to-One Pilates Class at Triyoga

I’ve been going to Pilates classes at my local gym for ages, but I’m not sure I’ve improved much over the years. So I booked myself in for a one-to-one session at the specialist Triyoga centre in Primrose Hill.

This is where London celebrities come for their yoga and Pilates fix. On arrival, everyone is asked to remove their shoes, before walking into the incense-scented reception area, where clients relax around a big wooden table.

Like many Pilates teachers, my instructor, Yalckun Abdurehim, trained as a dancer, and his posture and flexibility are definitely something to aspire to.

Instead of launching into exercises, Yalckun asked me to walk up and down the corridor, catwalk-style, while he observed my posture. Apparently my feet aren’t flexible enough and this is affecting the whole of my body. Despite going to the gym regularly, I’ve never thought much about foot flexibility before.

The rest of the hour-long session was devoted to retraining my muscles through exercises on various scary looking machines. I was also given a routine to practise at home, which involved lying on the floor and walking my toes up and down the wall, a movement known as the caterpillar.

The one-to-one session gave me a new perspective on the way I move my body. Who knew that feet were so important? If you’re new to Pilates, feel stuck in a rut with your current workout, or want to improve your posture, a one-to-one class at Triyoga could be the way to go.

Triyoga has centres in Primrose Hill, Soho and Covent Garden, offering one-to-one and group classes in yoga and Pilates