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On the Wagon: Virgin cocktails and alcohol-free beer in London

Alcohol-free cocktail Coco-rita at Redemption

If you don’t drink, have made a New Year’s resolution to stay off alcohol or are taking part in Cancer Research’s Dryathlon, it doesn’t mean you can’t explore London’s buzzing bars and pubs. Have a great (sober) night out at one of these watering holes:

Bavarian Beerhouse

At Bavarian Beerhouse’s two pubs – in Old Street and Tower Hill – you’ll find an alcohol-free German wheat beer on the menu, Erdinger Alkoholfrei. The perfect accompaniment for your Schnitzel and pretzels. For a low-alcohol alternative also from Germany, try Pilsner’s Veltins Alkoholfrei at Vinopolis’ Brew Wharf.

The Montagu Pyke

Like many other pubs in London today, The Montagu Pyke serves a small selection of alcohol-free options. At this Wetherspoons pub on Charing Cross Road you can order a Becks Blue (maximum 0.05% ABV) or alcohol-free Kopparberg cider. So if you’re on a night out with your mates, there’s something for everyone. Sorted.

Redemption Bar


Redemption is a totally alcohol-free gastro pub, located close to Westbourne Park. Since opening in September, it has gained huge media attention for its teetotal outlook and menu, which includes tasty mocktails, fruit infusions, teas and coffee – as well as healthy veggie grub.

Met Bar

The Met Bar

Park Lane favourite The Met Bar was once membership only and attracted celebs on wild nights out. Nowadays the membership requirement has now been lifted, so you can pop in to enjoy one of their selection of creative mocktails, such as the Up Rooter with homemade English beatroot puree or the Ying Yang with strawberries, pear and fresh parsley.

Ping Pong

Dim sum specialist Ping Pong on the Southbank has a great line in alcohol-free options. As well as fresh lemonade, soft drinks and a huge selection of teas (including ice teas and beautiful flowering varieties), there are fresh ‘coolers’ with ingredients like goji berries, mango juice and peppermint leaves. Enjoy with food or in the bar area.

Dishoom Covent Garden


Inspired by the traditional Bombay Cafés, Dishoom in Covent Garden is the place to go for Indian-inspired mocktails and soft drinks. At the downstairs bar (below the restaurant) you’ll find a good selection of tempting tipples, including Mango & Fennel Lassi, Virgin Bombay Colada and Thums Up. Another branch of Dishoom can be found in Shoreditch.

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