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Liechtenstein in London: Prince of Liechtenstein at the National Portrait Gallery

In our search for Liechtenstein culture for our World in London challenge, we came across this National Portrait Gallery photo of Johann II, Prince of Liechtenstein by Camille Silvy.

The prince reigned for 71 years, from 1858 to 1929, making him one of the longest reigning monarchs in history.

Unfortunately the photo’s not on display at the moment, but it is among 75,000 images that you can purchase on the fantastic National Portrait Gallery website.

The prints make great Christmas presents and there’s a huge choice: you can buy anything from a poster of Kate Moss to a print of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger

For more details visit the National Portrait Gallery’s online shop.

Do you know of more Liechtenstein culture in London? Tell us about it in the comments below.