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Video: Fourth Plinth: Behind the Scenes with Elmgreen & Dragset at AB Fine Art Foundry

The Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar Square is welcoming a new piece of art on Thursday this week.

Yinka Shonibare’s Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle is moving, and a new sculpture is taking its place.

Powerless Structures Fig 101 is the name of this new piece, by Scandanavian artists, Elmgreen & Dragset. It’s a bronze sculpture of a boy on a rocking horse. Here’s some details about the artwork, taken from the Fouth Plinth website:

In this portrayal of a boy astride his rocking horse, a child has been elevated to the status of a historical hero, though there is not yet a history to commemorate – only a future to hope for. Elmgreen & Dragset’s work proposes a paraphrase of a traditional war monument beyond a dualistic worldview predicated on either victory or defeat. Instead of acknowledging the heroism of the powerful, Powerless Structures, Fig. 101 celebrates the heroism of growing up. It is a visual statement celebrating expectation and change rather than glorifying the past.

This video is just a little teaser, as the young boy isn’t revealed until Thursday this week. Keep an eye out, we’ll bring you some photos when the time comes…