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80s Flashback at the Met Bar

I Remember the 80s quizFor those of you who know their Duran Duran from their Japan, last Friday night in the Met Bar would have been the event for you. We time-warped back to the era of shoulder pads, mullets and power ballads for our first I Remember the 80s music quiz.

Hosted by none other than Met Bar loyalist Jonny Awsum, our eight teams of members (including Oasis’s Andy Bell) were each given a different 80s wig, from punk rocker to Tina Turner.

Music intros from one-hit wonders to cartoon theme tunes and famous faces were played in quick-fire rounds.

To buzz in, guests had to don their wig, jump up and scream “I Remember the 80s” first. One point was awarded for every correct answer, but two were deducted if the answer was wrong! Suffice to say, much chaos ensued (what can you expect with a room full of DINKIES and BOBOs)!

After an hour and a half of intense battle (and a little bit of cheating), the final bell tolled and the scores on the doors were totted up by Jonny’s glamorous Flashdance assistant, Eleanor. For the losers, a wooden spoon; for the winners, neon leg warmers and the chance to sing karaoke on stage to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer!


Another successful Met Bar event involving fancy dress and slightly wild behaviour (you might notice a pattern emerging!) In fact, we enjoyed it so much we have decided to host a 90s quiz next time. So dig out your combat trousers, your Spice Girls fan club badges and your yoyos, and watch this space!