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Rainforest Life at ZSL London Zoo

Last night I had the opportunity to view the new Rainforest Life exhibit at ZSL London Zoo.  

The enclosure is climate-controlled and contains a large central mock rainforest filled with various monkeys, birds, sloths (exceedingly popular with the crowd – possibly because they don’t move very fast so you can get a good close-up look) and at least one anteater (my personal favourite). 

The rainforest is viewed from a platform and is entirely open, so the monkeys can be zipping around your feet while you’re looking at the other animals, including iguanas and bird-eating spiders.  There is also a nocturnal zone where you can view bats, fish, rats and the famously ugly, blind naked mole rat.

Rainforest Life is a fantastic, immersive experience suitable for all ages.

Rainforest Life at ZSL London Zoo opens on 27 March.