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Launch of The British Military Tournament 2010

I was invited to the launch of the much anticipated The British Military Tournament 2010 at London’s Wellington Barracks this morning, and as you would expect it was all performed with military precision!

In a country famed for its pomp and circumstance, it’s surprising there hasn’t been a large-scale military tattoo since the much-loved Royal Tournament was scrapped in 1999.

After being serenaded by the resident military band, I was told this new tournament will bridge that gap.

But it will also go further, taking some of the best acts from the Royal Tournament and incorporating them in an entertaining and insightful story of the British Army’s history. During the two-hour performances at Earls Court, 500 soldiers will perform in the original military uniform of each period including the English Civil War and the Boer War.

There’ll be a live cavalry charge guaranteed to thrill kids and their parents. The show also includes a revival of the most famous act in the Royal Tournament, the field gun run, using exact copies of the original guns.

Celebrities Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Dame Judi Dench will also make a contribution to the two performances each day during the weekend of 4 and 5 December 2010.

All funds will go to the ABF Soldier’s Charity (formerly The Army Benevolent Fund).

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, so… Attention… Quick… March…!