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Eurostar Tri-City-Athlon: St Pancras, Regent’s Park, then Home, Sweet Home

Last stop: St Pancras.

We had been up since 4.30am UK time, and the last leg was starting at 18.15: it had already been a long day. Now we faced a 10km run. 

Everyone had been fed, watered and massaged, and off we headed on the coach to Regent’s Park. As we reached the start, it was so nice to see the G/great British public out to support us all especially as the rain had begun to come down.

We started with a warm-up to some of the acts that were playing on the stage, both to entertain the spectators and keep the competitors motivated! Another great motivator was news that we had a glass of champagne and BBQ awaiting us at the end!

Unfortunately, after 5km I had to pull out due to cramp in my left leg, which had started in the bike race. But on went everyone else with Jonny Brownlee coming in first with an impressive 34 minutes! As everyone else passed the finish line, there was a sense of such great achievement by all, no matter what standard of athlete.  Out of 140 athletes, 100 completed all three legs – an amazing achievement.

The whole day was a fantastic experience and one that no-one will forget I am sure. We swam, cycled and ran through three major European cities in one day! There was great camaraderie between all, no matter what level of participant and fantastic encouragement from those on the sidelines.

A big thanks to Eurostar, IMG, the athletes and the volunteers who pushed us though each leg and made such an amazing experience possible. I’m looking forward to the next Eurostar 2012 activation event!  

Definitely a story for the grandkids…

Read about the first leg (swimming in Paris) here, and the second (cycling in Brussels) here

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