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Jetson at The 100 Club

The venues on and around Oxford Street are difficult to find at the best of times. However there’s no problem with the 100 Club – its address is conveniently 100 Oxford Street.

The exterior of the club isn’t particularly appealing, a small dingy red shop front. What goes on inside is a lot more exciting. The open interior provides an ideal space for bands to showcase their talent. And with artists such as The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols having graced this stage, it’s no wonder it has become one of the most celebrated live music venues in Europe.

I went to see the dynamic trio, Jetson. These three guys (Rohan Unni, Scott Miller and Stu Lunn) all work hard in the city by day, but come together at night to share their passion for music. It’s hard to believe they only formed a year ago – already their sound is confident, with a certainty of style you’d expect from a more mature band.  Jetson describe their music as “a collision of funk and folk”.

A spectacular drum solo from Miller began the set as they launched into a selection of songs, to be recorded later this summer. On the whole I preferred the more upbeat tunes, and they seemed to enjoy performing them more too. Follow me was my favourite. It begins with an infectious bass riff from the charismatic Lunn and continues with a driving force that is impossible to resist.

Jump on the Jetson bandwagon.  Having already played The O2 in their first year who knows where they’ll be in a year’s time?

Listen to Jetson here.