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Sexual Nature at the Natural History Museum

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Londoners are in an amorous mood. (Even the hippos at London Zoo are at it.)

Now the Natural History Museum has launched an exhibition dedicated to the science of sex, which aims to “pull off nature’s fig leaf and discover its most bizarre and intimate secrets”.

I had a preview this morning and it was fascinating stuff. There were videos of animals having sex and rearing their offspring, stuffed foxes and rabbits engaged in the sexual act, and even a few live animals (including stick insects, which stick to each other for days after mating).

You’ll learn about animals that have done away with males to become female-only species, compare the penis bones of different creatures, discover the seduction techniques of deer and birds, and consider the ins and outs of human sexual relationships.

Open to all ages, Sexual Nature will teach both kids and grown-ups a thing or two about reproduction.

Sexual Nature is at the Natural History Museum from 11 February to 2 October 2011