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London's Quirkiest Souvenirs

While it’s likely that your visit to London will be unforgettable, a souvenir can be a great way to bring back happy memories – as well as to show off to your friends! We’ve put together a list of some of London’s quirkiest souvenirs, which are guaranteed to remind you of the eccentricity and diversity of our great city. If you think we’ve missed any gems please let us know in the comments!

Travelcard Cushion

In celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, graphic designer Ashley Allen created a fantastic travelcard-inspired cushion. Lined with royal purple and representing a travel ticket to Buckingham Palace, this trendy piece will ensure you can relax like royalty.

Selfridges Pantone 109 Spork

If you miss hanging out in Selfridges‘ many cafés and bars, perk up your mealtimes with this handy spork, coloured in the department store’s signature yellow. Not only does it make forks, knives and spoons redundant, but  its vibrant colour means that you could probably use it to eat in the dark.

Lulu Guiness Phone Box iPhone Case

Available from Fortnum and Mason, this patent leather iPhone case  is a stylish replica of London’s iconic red phone boxes. Don’t leave it lying around, however, lest you return to find it full of tourists cramming themselves inside to take photos.

Samuel Johnson Cufflinks

Carnaby Street’s Things British shop sells these cute cufflinks, which display Samuel Johnson’s classic quote: “when a man is tired of London..he is tired of life.” Sure to be a great ice-breaker at parties!

London 2012 Olympic Games Wellington Boots Pin Badge

While wellingtons are lamentably not part of the Team GB kit, this fun pin badge will ensure you get a gold medal for style.

Hermes Foot from the British Museum

Entering the British Museum’s shop is like stealing into a Pharoah’s tomb: it’s full of wonderful objects but you just can’t take them all at once. We particularly love their plaster cast of Hermes Foot, taken from an unknown statue and which – according to the Museum – makes an excellent door stop.

House of Commons Port

After a tour of the Houses of Parliament, you can check out the gift shop that contains dozens of quirky souvenirs. Grab a bottle of House of Commons port for a delicious taste of power.

Wimbledon Net Measure with Pouch

If you can’t fit Andy Murray in your suitcase, you can at least take your tennis game to the next level with this pretty net measure (used to measure the height of the net from the ground) from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

Do you have any quirky souvenirs of London?