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London 2012 Olympic Stadium Completed

Computer-generated image of the Olympic Stadium. Courtesy London 2012

Yesterday, the last piece of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium’s outer shell was put into place.

News of the completion of the gorgeous elliptical structure caused ripples of early 2012 excitement here in the VL office.

It’s up; it’s pretty; it’s impressive; and more to the point, it seems it’s early.

The first of the 28 steel sections that make up the roof was lifted into place at the end of January. The final one was fitted yesterday, more than a month ahead of schedule.

These sections include the parts of the stadium’s (nicknamed The Cupcake) roof. They’re the parts that’ll support the fabric roof (sounds like a good idea, based on the current rainy view from VL Towers), and also hold up the terracing for the upper tier’s 55,000 seats.

The ODA Chairman John Armitt says:

“The Olympic Stadium has already changed the east London skyline and is a visible symbol of the strong progress that has been made on the Olympic Park over the last year.”

He describes the “strong position” the project is in, and hints hopes for another successful year to follow this one.

However, Armitt also says:

“There is no room for complacency and we cannot lose sight of the huge challenges that still lie ahead of us.”

Cautious optimism then. But enough to make us smile on a wet Friday afternoon in July.