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Jerry Seinfeld at The O2

If I ever happen to see Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up again, I must remember to wear waterproof mascara. It will prevent the kind of make-up mess that occurred on Friday evening, after shedding many tears of laughter.

I hadn’t known what to expect from Jerry Seinfeld at The O2. He’s best known for co-creating and starring in American sitcom Seinfeld, which was phenomenally successful in the US but wasn’t as popular here in the UK. While other US imports such as Friends, Sex and the City and ER were enjoying prime time TV slots on Channel 4, Seinfeld was being shown somewhere else late at night. I didn’t watch it and I didn’t know anyone else who did.

What I did know is that Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy is valued pretty highly – he reportedly turned down a $5 million dollar an episode deal to continue starring in Seinfeld, and tickets for his show at The O2 on Friday night cost a minimum of £70. From the packed arena on Friday, it was obvious that plenty of people were willing to pay that.

And so it came to Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up show – 90 minutes of observational comedy, starting with the notion that “life sucks” and running through topics including marriage, mobile phones, Twitter, sitting, coffee and kids.

Jerry Seinfeld has been in the comedy business for more than 20 years – and that experience shows. There were no gaps, no going off on a tangent, despite the diverse range of topics, the comedy flowed easily from one thing to the next.

There were a lot of “it’s funny because it’s true” moments in the show and the next day I found myself constantly recalling (and annoying my friends with) anecdotes. “That reminds me of something Seinfeld said last night,” was my most-used sentence of the day.

Did you see Jerry Seinfeld at The O2? What did you think?

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