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1. Granary Square, King’s Cross

I like Granary Square because there are fountains that change shape. At night it’s even better because the fountains go a bit higher and they turn loads of bright colours. It’s a really big space where you can jump and run around.

Sometimes there are food stalls, and there are other nice places to eat, plus there’s a space round the back where they have different activities. There’s table tennis, and last summer they had a roller skating rink. My friend had a party there and it was my first time ever roller skating. I did pretty well.

Sometimes we get to Granary Square by walking along the canal and you can sit by the water on these great big steps like long green sofas covered in grass. I once saw a guy doing a handstand on there. You can also do forward rolls although I wouldn’t do forward rolls down the stairs because it would hurt a lot and also you could fall into the canal! You can actually take a boat ride through a tunnel from there too.

Granary Square Fountains

Hyde Park

I like Hyde Park because it’s like a country of green lands. It’s like a giant, giant park that’s probably bigger than two buildings stacked on top of each other. It’s a good place for running around as there’s loads of space to play. It’s a great place to have a picnic. We love playing football there — sometimes we find two trees and another two trees next to each other so it makes a great goal.

At Hyde Park there are always people playing sports and loads of people rollerskating down the pathway, skateboarding, doing back flips and tricks. There’s a very long lake (it has to be long because Hyde Park is giant!). You can sit by the lake on a deckchair and sometimes the ducks fly out so you can feed them.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park

Southbank Centre

I love the South Bank because not only is it really big, there’s a food market at the bottom where you can get loads of stuff to eat. There’s a really cool skate park; I like watching them skate and do bike tricks. There’s space to run around, you can see the River Thames.

You can get a river cruise or a sightseeing tour and one time we went on a super-fast speed boat ride! From the Southbank Centre you can see all the famous buildings like Big Ben and the EDF Energy London Eye. When you walk along, you can see buskers who do stunts like flipping off their bicycle or these amazing African acrobats. We’ve seen lots of shows there, like Slava’s Snowshow in winter which is a very funny show.

Skateboarder on the South Bank

Science Museum

I like the Science Museum because there’s a place called the Launchpad where you can test things out and do the actual experiment yourself. You can fire a water bottle rocket by pressing two buttons, it’s really cool. There are different sections where you can find out about science, outer space and how the world was created, or how people lived in the olden days. The space section is cool because it tells you about the galaxy and stuff which hasn’t even been discovered yet.

Science Museum

Street Food Fairs and Markets

My dad does street food and we love going to street food fairs and markets. There’s Kerb, there’s Street Feast, there’s Feast, loads of different ones. I’ve tried different types of food from all different countries, even vegetarian Indian! I usually eat quite a few things because it all looks so nice. One time at an event I made some meatballs and we had them in a sauce and it was yummy. I had two helpings! Most of the time, the food doesn’t cost as much as restaurants and you can just walk around outdoors eating. It’s pretty cool.

South Bank Market

Ezra is one of the babes at Babes about Town, a blog that celebrates the best activities and coolest finds for families in London and

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Five Hidden Gems of London by Sasha Wilkins (LibertyLondonGirl) Thu, 31 Oct 2013 16:45:21 +0000 London blogger Sasha Wilkins, also known as Liberty London Girl, shares her top five hidden gems in London, including the tastiest food stalls in Camden, one of her favourite museums and where to spot a new piece of public art in the capital:

Regent’s Canal
I’ve been cycling along the towpath from Camden in each direction for years, and it never ceases to surprise me that in the middle of one the busiest cities in the world one can feel in the middle of the country. I’ve spotted herons, along with the more normal coots and moorhens, and I think that the lovely towpath pubs are one of London’s best kept secrets.

Pollock’s Toy Museum
My mother used to take me and my sister to Pollock’s Toy Museum when we were little, and it still claims a piece of my heart as one of the most enchanting of London museums. It takes its name from Benjamin Pollock, the last of the Victorian Toy Theatre printers, and was set up by Marguerite Fawdry who bought up the stock of Benjamin Pollock Ltd., after trying to buy one small item for her son’s toy theatre.

Nearly every kind of toy imaginable turns up here from all over the world and from all different time periods. It’s a fascinating exhibition of toy theatres, teddy bears, wax and china dolls, board games, optical toys, folk toys, nursery furniture, mechanical toys and doll’s houses.

The Honest Sausage Cafe, Regent’s Park. 
This always seems to me to be one of the most quintessentially English places to grab a snack. You can only reach it by foot or on bike, and the menu is basically free range sausage and bacon rolls, home made cake or ice cream. (AND they serve Clipper Teas!) Really, what’s not to like?

Global Food Kitchen, Camden Lock Market
Many people think Camden is all about the shopping, but the West Yard of Camden Lock Market, is the home of the Global Food Kitchen — many, many glorious food stalls, plus Café Chula, which does good Mexican, and a series of fairly new and excellent food outlets, including the latest branch of Honest Burger, the truly delicious French & Grace, Chin Chin Labs (purveyors of nitrogen ice cream) and Mighty Fine Fudge & Chocolate (check out their Shrek green Mojito fudge).

Mark Wallinger’s White Horse Sculpture
If you are in Trafalgar Square, walk through Admiralty Arch and look right: Mark Wallinger’s White Horse sculpture was installed earlier this year, and it is a wonderful example of how modern sculpture can look so very right in a classical setting.

If, like Sasha, you’re a fan of Regent’s Canal and Clipper Teas, make sure you don’t miss her afternoon tea party on a covered barge on Regent’s Canal on 6 November. Tickets are £25 with all proceeds going to charity Contact the Elderly. Keep up to date with Sasha via @LibertyLndnGirl on Twitter.

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Malaysia Night in London 2012 Mon, 08 Oct 2012 09:15:49 +0000 dragon Ladies on a bench Dignitaries opening the night by cutting the ribbon Musicians with traditional Malaysian instruments Preparing delicious Malaysian food Dancers on stage Traditional curries and noodle dishes Yummy! A couple in ceremonial dress

Last Friday, London was treated to a tantalising glimpse of the exotic at the third annual Malaysia Night in Trafalgar Square. The event, which attracted thousands of people despite the rain, demonstrated the huge variety of Malaysia’s culture and provided a spectacular start to London’s 2012 Malaysia Week.

The event was officially opened by a group of Malaysian luminaries, including Dr Wong Lai Sum, Dr Syed Kamal and renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo. Speaking at the event, member of the London Assembly James Cleverly pointed out that ‘Malaysia has a huge affinity with London’, explaining that the city’s diversity is an important factor in the close links between the two locations.

After the dignitaries cut the huge ribbon on stage, London was treated to spectacular entertainment that included colourfully-attired dancers, a spellbinding fashion show and haunting melodies from musicians using traditional Malaysian instruments. Around the square, stalls representing London’s best Malaysian restaurants sizzled with freshly cooked delights that ranged from traditional curries to sumptuously plump Malaysian pancakes.

Fortunately for those now hooked on Malaysia’s many delights, the South Bank is hosting Malaysia Week from now until 10 October. Here you’ll  find cultural exhibitions, traditional board games and, of course, the country’s delicious cuisine. As those who attended Malaysia Night will attest, the wealth of what’s on offer will even make you forget it’s raining!

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London Video of the Week: Street Feast Launch Fri, 18 May 2012 13:30:07 +0000

Here’s a great film for a Friday lunchtime. Are you hungry? You will be after watching this!

Filmed at the launch of the new Sclater Street-based weekly Friday night market, this video really captures the spirit of Street Feast: the purveyors, the punters and the yummy food bringing the two together.

Street Feast is at Sclater Street Car Park, 91 Scalter Street, London, E1 6HR every Friday night until 20 July.  Visit to find out more.

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