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Illumini 2010 at Shoreditch Town Hall

Last night I went to the opening night of Illumini, an exhibition exploring London’s underground secrets through a series of art installations, tours and talks. Clearly I wasn’t the only one intrigued by the concept, as the queue to get in was long!

Illumini is taking place in Shoreditch Town Hall‘s basement, somewhere I’d never been before, but once you enter, it’s obvious this is the perfect location to showcase the work of artists who like to play with light! The basement’s stone interior, arches, nooks and crannies make for an atmospheric location, and a great place to recreate subterranean London.

Illumini 2010 is much more interactive than your average exhibition. You can choose your own route, talk to actors wandering the “tunnels”, and even have a tarot card reading.

It wasn’t always clear to me what the theme of each room was, or what exactly I was looking at but I loved the experience and many of the pieces. From Blitz-themed rooms to information about the Brunel Tunnel, you do get a sense of London’s underground history.

Illumini 2010, 11am-7pm until 15 September 2010. Entry free