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Cirque du Soleil: Totem at the Royal Albert Hall

Every January, Cirque du Soleil takes up residence at London’s impressive Royal Albert Hall. I went along last night to see their latest offering, Totem, which returns to London after a successful run last year.

Loosely based on the origins of man, Totem brings together a variety of amazing circus acts, from a scientist who juggles fluorescent balls inside a giant test tube to a cast of realistic apes.

My favourite acts were the unicycle riders, who kicked dishes from their feet onto their heads; and a troupe of acrobats who performed breathtaking somersaults above Russian bars.

I also loved the modern-day clown, who played a sleazy Italian tourist; and the incredible special effects, which included a “sea” projected onto the stage, from which characters appeared to emerge.

Each act is accompanied by a different style of music from around the world. There’s no speech, which makes Totem ideal for deaf people and non-English speakers.

Totem is at the Royal Albert Hall until 16 February 2012