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Les Miserables at the Barbican

Les Miserables has returned to the Barbican for a short-run of just 22 performances this September and early October.

I watched this adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel last week and was blown away. It is spectacular.

The ensemble work is instrumental in delivering this brand new version of the world’s longest-running musical. It’s a powerful, heartfelt, crisp and visually stunning performance and the best musical I’ve ever seen.

The pace of the production is nearly perfect and is delivered with pin-point precision – barely a beat after the final scene this cast had the entire (very theatre-savvy) audience on its feet.

I sat next to the proud father of one of the cast who informed me that the art that comprised the backdrop of the set was Victor Hugo’s own work. The fact that the author’s images matched every other stylistic aspect of this production is testament to the passion, attention to detail and hard work that has been poured into this great piece of theatre.

Get a ticket – if you can.